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This tool archives evidence about viral interactions collected from different manually curated protein-protein interaction databases...
Database portal | Web API | Web application
The Protein Ensemble Database (PED) is an open access database for the deposition of structural...
Web application
BetAware-Deep is web server for predicting the topology of TransMembrane Beta-Barrel (TMBB) proteins in Gram-negative...
Terms that are commonly encountered while conducting, reporting, storing, harmonizing, integrating, and describing nutritional studies....
Web application
Mass selection and fast comparison of annotated PDB residues.
Web application
A web server for the identification of structural motifs in a set of non-homologous protein...
Command-line tool
A phosphorylation site predictor specific for parasitic protozoa of the family trypanosomatidae.
Command-line tool
A Local Structural Comparison Program That Allows for User-Defined Structure Representations.
Web application
A web server for the identification of phosphate-binding sites on protein structures.
Web application
A web server for the identification of nucleotide-binding sites in protein structures.
Command-line tool
RNA secondary structure analysis, comparison and classification, motif finding and phylogeny.
Database portal
This database aims at collecting and annotating in a structured format all the interactions between...
Web application
Online web resource for recovering information about human phosphatases.

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