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The ELIXIR Italy Training Platform

ELIXIR Italy provides training in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology to help researchers effectively utilise bioinformatics tools, databases, and resources. The ELIXIR Italy Training Platform offers workshops, training courses, and seminars on various topics at the intersection of biology, computer science, statistics, and more. These events are designed to provide researchers with hands-on experience and practical skills to analyse biological data, and offer opportunities for participants to network, collaborate, and exchange knowledge with others in the field.

More specifically, the ELIXIR Italy Training Platform offers the following:
Specialized training in areas such as genomics, proteomics, structural biology, systems biology, and more. These training sessions may cover both basic concepts and advanced techniques.
Online resources such as tutorials, webinars, video lectures, and documentation that researchers can access remotely. These resources are often valuable for self-paced learning.
Data analysis training to teach researchers how to analyse and interpret biological data using bioinformatics tools, software, and pipelines.
Hands-on practice where participants work with real or simulated datasets to gain practical skills.
Tailored training programmes for specific research groups, institutions, or projects, depending on their needs and interests.
Training infrastructure, namely access to computing resources and software needed for the training activities, ensuring participants can follow along with the hands-on exercises.

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