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Fondazione Edmund Mach


The Edmund Mach Foundation promotes and carries out research, scientific experiments, education and training activities as well as providing technical assistance and extensions services to companies.

Going into detail, the Research and Innovation Centre (CRI) is a research institute that carries out studies and innovations in the fields of agriculture, nutrition, and environment, with the aim to generate new sharing knowledge and to contribute to economic growth, social development and the overall improvement of quality of life.
The CRI carries out research at an international level, collaborating with institutes and universities from around the world. Our results impact the larger scientific community and the world at large.
The CRI has a modern and flexible structure based on four Departments, a common , and the Chief Scientific Office.

All the scientific areas are organised in Research Groups that are engaged in basic and applied studies to carry out international results. The Computational Biology Research Group is aimed at the methodological and instrumental development in key sectors of the CRI and to the technical and technological support of the entire center


General Assembly Members
Claudio Donati –
Local Technical Coordinator
Marco Moretto –
Claudio Donati –
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