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GARR is the Italian Research & Education ultrabroadband network. Its main goal is to provide high-bandwidth connectivity, advanced services and e-Infrastructures support, thus enabling the Italian Research and Academic community to collaborate worldwide.

All academic and major scientific organizations in Italy connect to the GARR network. Currently, about 1000 user sites are connected to the GARR network, including Research Organizations, Universities, Observatories, Laboratories, Biomedical research institute and hospitals, Music Conservatories and Academies of Art, Libraries, Schools, Museums and other Scientific and Educational Facilities of national and international relevance, for overall more than 2 Million end users.

The GARR network is currently based on 14.000 km of optical fibres. As of 2014 the fibre optics network has been extended with the GARR-X Progress project, funded by Italian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, in the Regions of Convergence (South of Italy). GARR implemented a distributed computing and storage environment over the new network, to offer the research and ICT community leading-edge ICT services.

GARR is connected to the European Network GÉANT and thus with all the other European NRENs.

The GARR network is implemented and operated by Consortium GARR, a no-profit organization founded under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. The founding Members are: National Research Council (CNR), Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) and Fondazione CRUI on behalf of the Italian Universities.


General Assembly Members
Sabrina Tommasini –
Local Technical Coordinator
Fulvio Galeazzi –
Sabrina Tomassini –
Claudia Battista –
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