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Elixir Italy
ELIXIR-IIB will present the seminar “Bioinformatics to learn biology: an educational tool”...
20/05/2022 16:00
20/05/2022 18:00
Elixir Italy
The workshop is designed to enable the attendees to apply metabolomics in...
15/04/2022 10:00
Elixir Italy
This course is foreseen as a face-to-face training at Istituto Superiore di...
Elixir Italy
In this EMBO Practical Course, participants will learn fundamental concepts, advanced approaches...
22/03/2022 09:00
30/03/2022 18:30
Elixir Italy
Carpentries Italia è un’iniziativa per promuovere il modello formativo di The Carpentries...
27/01/2022 09:00
4/02/2022 17:00
Elixir Italy
9/02/2022 11:00
25/02/2022 17:00


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