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Command-line tool
REDItools are simple python scripts conceived to facilitate the investigation of RNA editing at large-scale...
Desktop application
A simple and intuitive interface between the popular molecular graphics system PyMOL and several other...
PLUMED is a plugin that works with a large number of molecular dynamics codes (Codes...
An effective pipeline to extract ensemble-level cancer progression models from cross-sectional data.
A binary classifier for predicting pathogenic variants in coding and non-coding regions.
A pattern matcher that is able to search for specific combinations of oligonucleotide consensus sequences,...
Web application
Web application to easily and effectively analyse and visualize the interface in biological complexes (such...
Database portal
A tool for the description and classification of vitamin B6-dependent enzymatic activities and of the...
Web application
Efficient disorder prediction tool.
Web API | Web application
Residue interaction network generation method for Cytoscape.

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