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Structure analysis

Command-line tool
A Local Structural Comparison Program That Allows for User-Defined Structure Representations.
Web application
A web server for the identification of structural motifs in a set of non-homologous protein...
Web application
Predictor of Antibody-Antigen interactions based on the Random Forest Algorithm. User submitted sequences are automatically...
Database portal
This database collects predicted drug targets in 150 pathogen species. The structural details of the...
Web application
Server for the analysis, comparison and ranking of docking models based on inter-residue contacts.
Web application
Efficient disorder prediction tool.
Web application
Tool for the evaluation of stability changes in proteins caused by amino-acid (AA) mutations.
Web application
Protein Repeats. This server allows the analysis of one protein structure of interested to determine...
Open-source project dedicated to providing tools for analyzing and manipulating protein structures.
Web application
Two step protocol which uses BLAST to identify putative protein structures similar to a query...

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