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“Impact & more” workshop

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Start Date

8/04/2024 - 13:00

End Date

10/04/2024 - 14:00


The workshop, open to personnel affiliated with ELIXIR-IT members, is organized within the scope of the following projects:

  1. ELIXIR Staff Exchange Project: “Developing impact assessment tools at the node level and kickstarting environmental efforts within ELIXIR and ELIXIR Nodes”
  2. ELIXIR-STEERS Work Package 4: “Strengthening and equipping ELIXIR Nodes and Node staff with key skills and resources in organization, management, and training”
  3. ELIXIR PeoplePulse Work Package 5: “Professional development in impact and innovation”
  4. ELIXIR NSCS Project Plan Work Package 3: “Improving preparedness for funding applications and other requests for information from funders and stakeholders”

This will be an opportunity to discuss and define methodologies, share pathways, and provide guidelines for defining impact on human resources, innovation, society, policies, and environmental sustainability.

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