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PNRR – National Centre for HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing (spoke 8 – In silico Mediicne and Omics Data)

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Grant agreement ID: CN00000013

The two main activities of Spoke 8 are related to medical research, which relies on supercomputing for the so-called In Silico Medicine and for the elaboration of large amounts of data produced by experimentation in the field of omic sciences (genomics, lipidomics, transcriptomics, etc.).

More specifically, the goals of this Spoke are planning new clinical tests via simulation methods (in order to cut the time and costs of clinical trials), as well as the development of a technological platform that enables big data analysis through algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These studies will increase understanding of countless diseases, their diagnosis and prognosis, not to mention enable the development of new personalised drug treatments.

Thanks to the cooperation of all the players involved, experimental practices in biomedical labs will be sped up and animal testing will be reduced; moreover, “precision and personalised medicine” techniques will be implemented in the healthcare sector, which will be directly and tangibly beneficial to patients.

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