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Grant agreement ID: PIR01_00017

The aim of “CNRBiOmics – National Research Centre in Bioinformatics for Omics Sciences” is to strengthen the Italian node of the ELIXIR (European Life-science Infrastructure for Biological Information) research infrastructure by creating a centre of excellence for the production, management and interpretation of omics data (genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) with headquarters in the area of Bari. Responding to the modern need for large-scale production and analysis of genomic data, the project aims to create a distributed infrastructure with various regional nodes to support projects of national interest focused on the study of applications for Personalized and Precision Medicine and Life Sciences. The project involves the acquisition of the most advanced platforms available on the market, having unique and complementary characteristics, for:

  • production of massive nucleic acid sequencing data with second- and third-generation platforms, even at the single cell level, and their validation
  • proteomic and metabolomic analyses

These instruments will be integrated with an ICT platform having high computing and storage capabilities (10K core, 15 PB storage) with a hub in Bari, and will be integrated with the existing ELIXIR infrastructure. The project also includes the upgrade of a postgraduate training platform to provide the necessary skills for the optimal use of the infrastructure.

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