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Grant agreement ID: 680449

ADAIR (From air pollution to brain pollution – novel biomarkers to unravel the link of air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease) applies a precision medicine approach to stratify individuals into subgroups based on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s (AD). The project investigates the new and ambitious hypothesis that the exposure of individuals to polluted environments alters the cellular mechanisms and functions indicated by the expression of biomarkers. By identifying biomarkers, individuals with an increased risk of AD can be stratified before the onset of the disease and preventive measures can be implemented. The main objectives are: (i) To discover new biomarkers related to the effects of air pollution. ; (ii) Correlate these biomarkers to the development of Alzheimer’s (AD), to define the subgroups of individuals most at risk. ; (iii) Understand understand how exposure to the environment is linked with the mechanisms of development of the complex problems underlying AD, for the development of new therapeutic approaches.

Funds: EU JPCO-Fund call for Personalised Medicine ( JPND2019-466-037

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