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Area Science Park


Area Science Park houses the Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory (LAGE), a nationally relevant reference centre in the field of genomics and epigenomics, which provides a range of open-access services for DNA and RNA sequencing, genotyping, and data analysis. LAGE provides scientific collaborations within the scope of basic and applied research projects, custom services and advice, and has obtained the Propel-Certified Service Provider Illumina Infinium certification for genotyping and the MiseqDx certification since 2020. It is part of the Life Sciences Platform that provides specialized know-how and services for the conduct of experimental tests and research projects.


The Data Engineering Laboratory (LADE) manages and analyses data produced by the in-house genomics (LAGE) and microscopy laboratories (LAME), and by third-party Institutes.

The Laboratory is focused on research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Management, to extract knowledge and value from data. This is achieved through a container-hosted data centre with advanced computing, data analysis, HPC/AI services, and connectivity to the regional and national research networks. Furthermore, the data centre contributes to the processing of data produced by the Life Sciences Platform and the Innovative Materials Platform.


The DPCfam algorithm, developed by the LADE Laboratory in collaboration with SISSA, allows to search for and retrieve homologous protein regions, to classify query proteins, and has integrated tools for covariance analysis and structure prediction. The algorithm is currently under intense development and generalization: it has recently been applied to metagenomics data and to cluster structures predicted by AlphaFold.


General Assembly Members
Stefano Cozzini –
Local Technical Coordinator
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