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ELIXIR-IT members collaborate to publish research articles (peer-reviewed) on the development and operation of bioinformatics resources encompassing databases, tools, cloud computing, standards and training. These publications highlight ELIXIR-IT’s scientific legacy as a research infrastructure, and their citations by others (in the open literature) demonstrate the extent of ELIXIR’s contribution and appreciation by others.

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How to acknowledge ELIXIR-IT funding and support

If your work has received financial support (e.g. grant funding, event sponsorship) or other support (e.g. in-kind contribution, use of the infrastructure and its many services) linked to ELIXIR-IT (also known as ELIXIR-IIB and ELIXIR Italy) you need to visibly acknowledge ELIXIR-IT’s contribution so it can be tracked and reported. We indeed maintain this website page of such ELIXIR-IT-supported publications.

In written work, you may use the following statements:

This work was funded [or supported] by ELIXIR-IT (ELIXIR-IIB, ELIXIR-ITA, Elixir Italy, ELIXIR IIB, ELIXIR IT), the Italian research infrastructure for life-science data.
This project has received funding from… [adapt depending on the grant in consultation with the project manager and official guidance from the European Commission]
Here you can find the ELIXIR-IT Grant list:

· European Join Programme On Rare Diseases, Grant Code n° 825575

· NewTechAqua, Grant Code n° 862658.

· BEYOND 1M GENOME, Grant Code n° 951724

· ELIXIR-Converge, Grant Code n° 871075

· BY-COVID, Grant Code n° 101046203

· EOSC-Life, Grant Code n° 824087

· EOSC-Pillar, Grant Code n° 857650

· INDIGO DataCloud, Grant Code n° 653549

· EXCELERATE, Grant Code n° 676559

· CnrBiomics, Grant Code n° PIR01_00017

· ELIXIRNextGenIT, Grant Code n° IR0000010

If the above is not practical, note that the following terms are also monitored by the ELIXIR-IT via text-mining (of Europe PMC). Hence, publications/preprints using them will likely be identified:

• ELIXIR-IT Implementation Study [and plural form]
• ELIXIR-IT Travel Grant, ELIXIR-IT Staff Exchange
• funded/supported by ELIXIR-IT
• (has received) funding from ELIXIR-IT
• Names and agreement numbers of European Union grants in which an Institution representing ELIXIR-IT is a beneficiary

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