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ELIXIR’s activities are divided into technological areas, called platforms. They coordinate the delivery of high-quality computational services for the life sciences and drive the integration of national services within the ELIXIR infrastructure. ELIXIR-IT includes six operational  Platforms (Compute, Data, Interoperability, Tools, Integrative Omics and Training).


The Compute platform offers specialised and customisable bioinformatics analysis services such as workflow managers and advanced tools, partnering with technological partners.

  • Collaboration with ReCaS-Bari and CINECA for computation and storage services
  • In-cloud Laniakea platform for on-demand workflow management systems
  • IaaS and PaaS platform at ReCaS-Bari to host and deploy bioinformatics tools and service



The Interoperability platform focuses on services related to standardization and transparent access to extensive research data, enacting internationally recognized FAIR principles, and promoting life science communities to adopt standardized formats and identifiers.

  • Implementation of FAIR principles for data management

  • Best practices and guidelines for data interoperability
  • Development of protocols and ontologies for data integration



The Tools platform provides software, workflows and libraries for omic and molecular data analysis. It provides reliable, expert-developed, optimized, reproducible bioinformatics software for biological and biomedical data analysis. 

  • Characterization and integration of omic data
  • Automation of omic data analysis workflows 
  • Standardisation and optimisation of analysis tools 


The Data platform facilitates access to a collection of databases by promoting the principles of open science, implementing the FAIR principles and therefore promoting access to large quantities of data through which companies can develop applications, products, and services for their customers. 

  • Databases for proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics, molecular interactions and metabolomics curated by experts
  • Extensive expertise in managing omic data
  • Expertise in data curation and FAIRification 


The Omics platform provides services for omic data generation, focusing on massive nucleic acids sequencing and high-throughput characterization of metabolomes and proteomes.

  • Whole genome, exome and transcriptome sequencing

  • Single-cell genome and transcriptome sequencing also at spatial resolution
  • Microbiome analysis through metagenomics and DNA metabarcoding sequencing
  • Optical mapping of chromosomes
  • Epigenetic analysis
  • Metabolomics and proteomics analysis


The Training Platform is specialized in delivering tailored, practical training designed to meet the diverse needs of business and industry. By integrating multi-platform expertise, it offers courses delivered by international experts, ensuring a high-quality learning experience. 

  • Customised Training
  • Theoretical and Practical Courses 
  • Highly Qualified International Instructors 

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