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They cover different thematic areas, connecting experts sharing a strategic interest into a specific domain.

Federated Human Data

Develops long-term strategies for managing and accessing sensitive human data.

David Horner
Matteo Chiara

Rare Diseases

Supports the development of new therapies for rare diseases.

Rita Casadio

Marine Metagenomics

Develops a sustainable metagenomics infrastructure to nurture research and innovation in the marine domain.

Monica Santamaria

Plant Sciences

Develops an infrastructure to facilitate genotype-phenotype analysis for crop and tree species.

Alessandro Cestaro
Giorgio Valle


Fosters a Galaxy community in Europe, together with Galaxy resources and training.

Federico Zambelli
Marco Antonio Tangaro


Helps to understand the 3D structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA.

Manuela Helmer Citterich


Supports the integration of standards, tools and resources to aid toxicology research projects.

Roberto Tagliaferri
Anna Marabotti

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Develops standards, tools and resources to help identify and characterise IDPs.

Silvio Tosatto
Damiano Piovesan


Develops and maintains sustainable proteomics tools and data resources.

Pierluigi Mauri

Single-Cell Omics

Identifies and addresses challenges in single-cell and spatial omics.

Raffaele Calogero
Ernesto Picardi

RDM Community

Coordinates activities around Research Data Management implementing FAIR and Open Science principles.

Alessandro Cestaro
Ivan Mičetić
Flavio Licciulli

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