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They cover different thematic areas, connecting experts sharing a strategic interest into a specific domain.


Helps to understand the 3D structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA.

Manuela Helmer-Citterich:

Angelo Facchiano:

Veronica Morea:



Aims to help us understand biodiversity, and how it responds to changing environmental pressures

Carmela Gissi:

Bachir Balech:

Federated Human Data

Develops long-term strategies for managing and accessing sensitive human data.

Matteo Chiara:

Emidio Capriotti:

Food and Nutrition

Aims to help us understand the effect of food choices on human health.

Bachir Balech:

Duccio Cavalieri:


Fosters a Galaxy community in Europe, together with Galaxy resources and training.

Federico Zambelli:

Marco Antonio Tangaro:

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Develops standards, tools and resources to help identify and characterise IDPs.

Maria Cristina Aspromonte

Damiano Piovesan:


Provides the resources, analysis tools and infrastructure to help metabolite identification.

Daniela Gaglio:

Sergio Giannattasio:

Microbial Biotechnology

Helps the development of tailor-made microbes and biological systems.

Antonio Placido:


Promotes standards, training, and other resources for microbiome research across all biomes.

Antonio Placido:

Monica Santamaria:

Claudio Donati: claudio.donati@fmach.i

Bachir Balech:


Plant Sciences

Develops an infrastructure to facilitate genotype-phenotype analysis for crop and tree species.

Diego Micheletti:

David Horner:

Alessandro Cestaro:


Develops and maintains sustainable proteomics tools and data resources.


Pierluigi Mauri:


Rare Diseases

Supports the development of new therapies for rare diseases.

Rita Casadio:

Emidio Capriotti:

Riccardo Percudani: 

Research Data Management

Brings together RDM experts to coordinate and promote the use of RDM resources.

Ivan Micetic:

Flavio Licciulli:

Alessandro Cestaro:

Single-Cell Omics

Identifies and addresses challenges in single-cell and spatial omics.

Raffaele Calogero:

Ernesto Picardi:

Systems Biology

Aims to make systems biology modelling a central pillar of research in biology.

Diego Di Bernardo


Supports the integration of standards, tools and resources to aid toxicology research projects.

Cosimo Damiano Altomare:

Human Copy Number Variation

Aims to make it easier to detect, annotate and interpret human Copy Number Variations (hCNVs).

Tommaso Pippucci:

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