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About ELIXIR Italy

The Italian Node of ELIXIR is coordinated by the National Research Council and currently includes 25 partners including research institutes, universities and technological institutions.

ELIXIR-IT, which has the ambition to raise an Italian Infrastructure for Bioinformatics (IIB) distributed across multiple centers, aims to bring together all the Italian researchers working in the field of bioinformatics, encouraging the exchange and development of skills,  integrating the various Italian bioinformatics resources that share international scientific recognition and are publicly available, and to contribute to their integration within the European infrastructure.

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Career Opportunities

Job Offering funded by ELIXIRxNextGenerationIT Project: CALL No. 400.001 TECHNOLOGIST- IBIOM – PNRR. Project ELIXIRxNextGenerationIT” – CUP B53C22001800006 CALL No.

Targeted engagement with ELIXIR

ELIXIR undertakes targeted engagement with industry partners to ensure its activities stay relevant to the needs of the private sector.

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This final Show and Tell in our series will be hosted by...
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23/03/2023 11:00
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23/03/2023 12:00
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ELIXIR-IIB will present the seminar “Bioinformatics to learn biology: an educational tool”...
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20/05/2022 16:00
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20/05/2022 18:00
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The workshop is designed to enable the attendees to apply metabolomics in...
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15/04/2022 10:00
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