NETTAB/BBCC 2019 Joint Meeting

11/11/2019 - 13/11/2019 Giorno intero

NETTAB / BBCC 2019 Meeting The topics of the event include the usual topics of NETTAB and BBCC workshops. Moreover, a special session will be devoted to “Computational Proteomics“. This session was supported by ELIXIR, the research infrastructure for life-science data, as part of its support for the ELIXIR Proteomics Community. Computational Proteomics topics A provisional list includes Bioinformatics methods, tools and platforms for:

  • Standardization of data and methods
  • Annotation, visualization, integrated discovery
  • Protein identification and validation
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Quantitative proteomics
  • Single cell proteomics
  • Targeted proteomics
  • Molecular imaging by mass spectrometry
  • Microbial proteomics
NETTAB Workshop topics Bioinformatics methods, standards, tools, applications and experiences deployed over Internet, including:
  • On-line databases, software tools, user interfaces
  • Data integration and data fusion platforms, integrated bio-search
  • Grid and clouds applications and platforms
  • APIs and Web Services, workflow management platforms
  • Semantic tools, biomedical ontologies
  • Semantic Web tools, Linked Open Data, SPARQL endpoints
  • Biological Wikis, social applications for life sciences
  • Tools for collaborative development of software, databases and documents
  • Mobile bioinformatics apps
BBCC Meetings topics Scientific contributions in all topics of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology field are welcome. Oral presentations and posters are particularly encouraged for the following topics:
  • big data in medicine
  • health data analysis
  • structural bioinformatics and computational biochemistry
  • systems&synthetic biology
  • combinatorial optimization in molecular biology
  • omics and inter-omics data mining
  • metagenomics
  • agri-food applications

Luogo: Fisciano Campus, University of Salerno, Italy

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