Nettab Tutorial: The ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard – how to guide life science researchers towards FAIR data management

24/10/2018 19:00 - 19:00

Target audience This workshop is for Data Stewards and Bioinformaticians who are assisting life science researchers with the data management and data management planning in their projects. Organisers Rob Hooft (DTL, ELIXIR NL), Robert Pergl (ELIXIR CZ), Vojtěch Knaisl (ELIXIR CZ), Jan Slifka (ELIXIR CZ), Celia van Gelder (DTL, ELIXIR NL). The ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW, https://dsw.fairdata.solutions/) is a solution for “Smart Data Management Plans for FAIR Open Science”: incorporating expert knowledge on “FAIR” data management and data stewardship into daily practice, directly benefiting data-intensive research projects. In this workshop participants will be shown how the ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard can guide researchers towards FAIR data stewardship, how it can help data stewards to stay organized, and how it can help data experts of all kinds to advertise their expertise. We will walk together through:

  1. how the wizard works for researchers,
  2. what kind of knowledge is captured there,
  3. how the wizard can be customized.
We also briefly touch how to run your own copy of the Wizard. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work with the authors of the wizard to contribute their own expertise to the knowledge model. There will also be time to discuss what kinds of questions the workshop attendees are asked by researchers and how the wizard, in current or future form, will be able to contribute to answering such questions. For the workshop organisers, this workshop will be a valuable occasion to get feedback on the current tool, and they will collect a list of suggestions for developments and improvements.

Luogo: Genoa, Villa Giustiniani-Cambiaso

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