Nettab Tutorial: Bioschemas, a lightway approach to enable FAIRer data resources

22/10/2018 09:00 - 12:30

Bioschemas is an open community project aiming to contribute with Life Science specifications to schema.org. Schema.org provides an easy way to add structured markup to web pages thus corresponding resources become more findable and interoperable. Building on schema.org, Bioschemas specifications include new types and properties, but also type customization and usage guidelines, a.k.a. profiles. Bioschemas approach relies on simplicity, with just enough guidelines in schemas such as ‘DataSet’, ‘BioChemEntity’ and ‘LabProtocol’ to enable FAIRer data resources. During this half-day tutorial, people will learn about Bioschemas, its approach and its principles. Talks will be combined with hands-on activities so attendees can use Bioschemas profiles to better understand them, discuss on new specifications, and explore how extracted data can be used.

Luogo: Genoa, Villa Giustiniani-Cambiaso

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