Italy was involved in the ELIXIR preparatory phase, through the CNR (Department of Life Sciences). In 2012 MIUR signed the MoU expressing the interest in joining the RI. The Elixir-ITA JRU was established in 2013 involving all academic and technological institutions that during the preparatory phase responded to a “call for expression of interest“. The legal and governance model chosen for ELIXIR exploits the legal status of EMBL (i.e. EMBL Special Project). Italy signed the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement (ECA) at the end of 2015 and is therefore a full ELIXIR member. ELIXIR has been identified as an ESFRI Landmark Project in the ESFRI Roadmap 2016. The Italian node is configured as a Joint Research Unit (JRU) named ELIXIR-IIB (formerly known as ELIXIR-ITA) and is in charge of coordinating the delivery of existing bioinformatics services at the national level, also pursuing their integration in the ELIXIR infrastructure. ELIXIR-IIB is led by National Research Council (CNR) of Italy and comprises other 16 partners including several universities as well as leading high-performance computing partners.