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The interactive model of the nuraghe Genna Maria is still available for the next two months to the visitors of the Civic Archaeological Museum of Villanovaforru (Sardinia) for the testing phase of the museum accessibility project Over the View (CRS4).

Museum opening hours: 9:30-13:00 and 15:30-19:00. Info: +390709300050 and

CRS4 presents the interactive model of the nuraghe Genna Maria realized within the project of museum accessibility Over the View during the meeting-debate on archaeology, its perception and connection with the territory Archeomeet 3 “A museum for all, a museum of all”.

Participation in this event is representative of CRS4 commitment throughout Sardinian territories.

At 17:50 the art historian Marco Peri talks with Andrea Ferrero and Andrea Mameli.
At 20:00 Gavino Paddeu illustrate the interactive model of the nuraghe Genna Maria.

The event is co-organized by: Municipality of Villanovaforru, Civic Archaeological Museum “Genna Maria” of Villanovaforru, CRS4, Cooperativa Turismo in Marmilla.

The project Over the View is funded by the regional agency Sardegna Ricerche.

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